Practitioner Briefs- Preventive Disproportionate Representation of CLD populations

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THe following brief is an excellent school and practitioner resource from NCCREST. The following link provides you the link directly to the page of practitioner briefs. My favorite:

Preventing Disproportionate Representation: Culturally and Linguistically Responsive Prereferral Interventions
Shernaz Garcia, The University of Texas at Austin
Alba Ortiz, The University of Texas at Austin
October 200

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  1. Ron Anderson September 16, 2006 |
    I don't have this available at a website (currently down}. It is safe to open, but it piggybacks on the article from nccrest. If interested, ask for my paper "Bilingual Education Resources and Research". It is in HTML format in Word 2000. I would appreciate making it available somewhere.

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