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  1. Diana Robledo October 1, 2011 |
    My 14 y.o. just started 9th grade. He has been diagnosed w/ ADHD & Depression & prescribed medication.We are in the midst of a bitter, custody battle over him. His father DOES NOT want him medicated, my son thinks I think he's stupid, etc. Since neither on of us has custody yet, our son, remains in limbo. Grades failing, self-esteem failing, he has a child rep from the courts but she is worthless. I have documentation against his father but how can I continue to advocate for him to get custody? His father is against counseling, too. And our son remains unsupervised often. What can I do??
  2. Diana Robledo October 1, 2011 |
    My son is 14 and a 9th grader. Diagnosed w/ ADHD & Depression but in the middle of a bitter custody battle. His father doesn't approve of the medication or counseling. He sabotages everything I try to do for my son. My son thinks I think he's stupid. I want custody of my son because I know his ADHD will go unattended.